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    The real personality

    The face and appearance of a person is only recognition, the real personality is his thought and creator has given authority to improve it to the person himself, make his personality as beautiful as he wants.

    The real motivations of the revolution

    Major revolutions in human history have come not by shedding blood, but by the power of morals and thinking (thought and action), which can also be called silent revolutions, whose motivations, activism and lteratures, in their own specific ways, have contributed to the well-being and peace of humanity Strive for.

    These are the people whose ambition is to believe in action more than claims above greed, show off and fame. These unsung heroes leave a legacy of ideas, words of wisdom and sayings.

    Yes, these are the people whose bodies die, but their goals remain alive. His followers continue to advance his cause.

    Such people are a great asset for the nations and the destinies and civilizations of the nations are safe and stable on their evolutionary journey thanks to them.

    Behind all this social process there is only a positive thought and concern for improvement. So it is known that positive thinking and concern for improvement is the main motivation of every revolution.

    A sign of sick thinking

    The attachment of good hopes to tried, incompetent and corrupt people is also a sign of sick thinking.

    Success through following

    All the thinking of the entire human history could not compete with the thoughts of this person (Muhammad ), then what is the harm in following him? In my opinion, the fact that he is still the most influential person in the world is enough to follow him for success in life.

    The real personality of Human

    The appearance and likeness of a person is only recognition, the real personality is his thought and its the favor of the creator who has given the authority to improve it to the person himself, he can make own personality as beautiful as he wants.

    Successful Relationship

    Relationships and friendships are a priceless treasure so always build on the basis of: Reality, Truth, and good intention (Intention to benefit others with no expectations)

    Then see their power, how they are permanent and strong.

    Human First Need

    The first need of a human being is good health and happiness is inevitable for good health.

    The price is meaningless of happiness.

    Even the smallest happiness is priceless.

    And the secret of true happiness lies in paying forward. Gift it others and it will automatically come back to you.

    Clean yourself

    Run “Contentment” antivirus and clean all viruses

    Lying inside you;

    Backbiting, Malice, Jealousy, Hate, Deception, Blending, Loss of measure, Wasteful spending, Fault finding, Slander, Mockery

    Such all are unnatural acts

    So they are not found even in lower conscious animals

    How can these decorate a conscious person?

    All this we got from society. These things are not in our nature.

    Make Creator's will your own. Make life happy by installing this software in you.

    Success element

    It is not necessary to touch the heights of the sky for success; it is enough to absorb its vastness.

    Wise and Successful person

    A wise and successful person is the one who recognizes the purpose of his creation and is trying his best to play his part and there is no greater action in this world than helping other people.

    Anger and its elements

    Anger is also related to adaptability, frankness and feeling, but it can also have the impression of seeing the other person as weak, which is worrisome. And remember, it is not possible to deny moral, medical and psychological weakness from anger.

    Excellence of Human

    If the basis of man's excellence is his consciousness, then what can be the purpose of his creation other than contemplation? So why not trim it and make the masterpiece of the creator of the universe more enviable.

    Successful and an Ideal personality

    Those who make smile and greeting their initiative habit, reality their clothing, patience and tolerance as a shield, good manners as a tool, nature and understatement as their strategy, they are actually successful and ideal people

    Wisdom & Ignorance

    Wisdom and ignorance grow in a person's thinking and are reflected in their actions. Which is evaluated by the effects of human actions on the lives of other human beings, how much they have benefited or harmed other human beings.

    Foundation of relationships

    The foundation of building relationships is trust and feeling. If the foundations are not strong, the buildings are never strong.

    The best make up of face

    There is no best beauty of the face more than a "smile".

    Aspects of living

    Some people live an ideological life, rest all follow others. Think of it in the same way that a few characters in a theater are fully engaged on the stage and the rest of the crowd is a silent part of the atmosphere, flowing on the waves of emotions that emerge from seeing them.

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